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Views Read Edit View history. Burt was credited as a strong operator who had turned the Aladdin into what looked like it was going to be a financial success. There was no property damage resulting from the implosion. Secure online payment system. He kept one of five elevator shafts roped off for himself while guests were waiting long periods of time for elevators. One guest was composer-pianist Warren Richards.

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It has only been 15 months since my last trip and the Aladdin was still standing, when did it Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino of 5 . I especially enjoyed the Stardust history and implosion (the new Stardust lasted only. Fun fact: After the implosion, Bellagio construction workers found four bags of Dunes casino chips mysteriously buried at the site. Fun fact: Word has it when the New Aladdin opened up after the implosion, professional. The Aladdin Hotel & Casino comes tumbling down as it is imploded, Monday night, April 27, , in Las Vegas. The Aladdin, built in , was imploded to.